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Super gorilla game protect your city from enemies


Super gorilla game Today in our site we will introduce you to a new game. For fans of superhero games where today our hero is a gorilla. The super gorilla represents the savior of the city of Miami, which began to spread crime and gangs. The police can no longer keep the city safe on their own.

So hope becomes related to the super gorilla who is angry because of what is happening in the city of Miami. She works with the police to save and protect the city. Whereas, gorillas have wild powers and are also extremely powerful. Help her to face the enemies and maintain the safety and security of the city.

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 Features of the super gorilla game:-

  • The game is characterized as one of the open world games as the events of the game are inside a city. You can do anything while playing.
  • You can use cars to move around the city. Or smash it and use it as something that you can throw at your opponent when you meet him.
  • You can climb on the city buildings and climb on the roofs of buildings to see the city from above. Or to give you an advantage when facing your opponent. Or to know where your opponent goes if he tries to escape from you.
  • You can change the character of the hero to the character you prefer. For example, instead of the superhero being a gorilla, it could be the hulk as we call the angry green man. And also you can change the character to other superheroes.
  • While playing, be careful not to attack the police so that they don't think that you are their enemy. And if that happens, they will attack you and try to eliminate you.
  • You have to be careful on the gorilla because it has health that you have to maintain in order not to lose the game. Where you have to avoid explosions or objects thrown at you. And also police bullets, as we explained in the previous point.


You can also if you don't want to be the one keeping the city safe. You can play the opponent mode who goes to the city and smashes and destroys anything he finds in front of him. But you have to be careful with your health and strength in order to play as long as possible.

Super Gorilla Game Download Links:- 

The game is available on Android phones only. 

Download the game for the Android system.