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Download Stumble Guys, a free version similar to Fall Guys


Download Stumble Guys Today we offer you one of the most interesting games that the old and the young loved. Some of us know the game Fall Guys and it is very interesting, but the problem is that the game is only available on the computer. And there is no version for the phone, and also the version that is available for the computer is not free.

So, today we have a game that is completely similar to Fall Guys, and the best part is that it is available for mobile phones. On both platforms, whether Android or iPhone, and of course the game is free.

We will explain everything related to the game so follow the article with us. And in the end you will find that you will download a very cool game. You can play it alone or with your friends online.

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Explanation of Stumble Guys game:-

We will explain the game so that you know how to play and it is very simple. The most beautiful thing about the game is that it is very simple and the game's graphics are very interesting. Also, the acoustics increase the fun and enjoyment while playing.

  • Initially, by pressing start, you will wait approximately 15 seconds until other players are found to play with you. The game starts in the first level of 32 players, you have to pass the obstacles during the game in order to reach the finish line to be of 16 players. Who will qualify for the second level.
  • The second level consists of 16 players, and you also have to reach the finish line quickly in order to be one of 8 players. Those who qualify for the third and final level.
  • The third and last level 8 players compete to reach the finish line. Since there is only one who will win and get the crown.


Stumble Guys Features:-

  • You can play with your friends online by creating a ROM inside the game and giving its number to your friends. And you play with each other in the same way we explained the game above.
  • Special about the game is that you can be up to 32 friends playing with each other. And if the number is not complete, you can start playing and the game will complete the rest of the random players. 
  • There are different levels inside the game that are designed to make you and your friends spend your time. Fun time inside the game without feeling bored at all.

Download Stumble Guys:- 

Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.