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Car Wash Mobile Game for Kids


A new exciting game for children "Car Wash" helps children feel that they are car owners and that they should take care of their cars.

The game has many different models of cars, so that the child chooses a car, what he likes.
The car needs to be washed using detergent, water and a towel.

If you perform a good job, you will be able to save money to make further upgrades and purchase new vehicles. When your children witness the amazing result, they will be delighted. Wheels should be brushed, polished, painted, waxed, and adjusted. To wash and polish your automobile, the game provides numerous equipment such as sponges, water sprays, and scrubbers. Learning to clean and decorate their favourite automobiles will be a fun experience for the kids. It's an educational game in which kids are taught the value of washing an automobile to make it more appealing.

Description of Car Wash for Kids:- 

  • Car Wash is a super fun game where you can completely transform the style of your car to leave it looking incredible.
  • Get creative and design some amazing cars. 
  • The game-play of the car wash is very simple. First, the car should be washed, if it is not completely clean it will not look better. 
  • To get it completely clean, you must lather, rinse, and make the car body shine, as well as clean the wheels and all the mud and dirt build up. 
  • When the car is clean, the fun begins. A freshly cleaned car can be painted in whatever color you desire. The wheels can also be changed to match your vehicle's new look. 
  • You can add some decorative elements to certain parts of the car, such as cool prints or geometric designs. 
  • The child can wash the car as for the automatic washing method. Or in the normal way through a bucket and a piece of sponge and working on the car manually.


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Features of Car Wash for Kids:- 

  1. Encourage children to keep the things they own.
  2. Easy to play and fun atmosphere inside the game. 
  3. Helping develop children's creativity. 
  4. Recognize color grading. Which he will recognize while photographing cars.


Car Wash for Kids Download Links:- 

Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.