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Neighbours from Hell Part 1 and 2 for mobile


How to Neighbours from Hell full of endless adventures, action and pranks. One of the most important comforts in the house is to be next to a good neighbor who appreciates you, respects you and helps you in time of need, yes we are all looking for that neighbor but in today's game, where we will live experience in the game is something fun and weird with a annoying neighbor who doesn't let you sleep or rest in your house.

Description of the Neighbours from Hell:-

During your long career you play the role of a boy against the rival of the big man, your task is to harass him by preparing different tricks for him, the task will not always be easy, and you may not succeed until after many attempts.


 Find a variety of tools to use in order to achieve the best results. These items are difficult to count, so we simply mention some of them and then discuss how they are used and the role of each item, including but not limited to glue, as well as soap and sharp tools, most notably knife, nails, electrical wires, bombs, explosives, and hundreds more, and some tasks do not require the use of tools Like the previous one but it can be done manually, which is more clear by reading the rest of the topic.


The view show all the angles and places so it's easy to see everything going on in those squares, ensuring a great opportunity to escape the opponent noting that there are secondary characters appearing in a limited number of stages maybe just once or twice as the annoying neighbor's wife or other people sitting on the beach or They walk in the streets.


You are evaluated at each stage based on your performance in implementation within the game. It is star rated with at least 1 star and a maximum of 3 stars, it's great to get a mark in all stages, it should be noted that you will not be able to move to the next set of levels before you can collect the required number of stars.


Story Of Neighbours from Hell:-

There is a man called Mr. Rottweiler lives a quiet and happy life, but there is a neighbor named Woody who disturbs him after Woody decides to take revenge on him and destroy his life. This is because Mister Rottweiler doesn't care about a neighbor and throws trash in front of Woody's house and hurts his dog Woody and that's why Woody takes revenge on him. He tries to infiltrate Mr. Rottweiler to do tricks on him.

The game is like a TV show, so there are many cameras that follow Woody's every steps as he makes the required tricks for a neighbor such as spreading the chair and throwing banana peels or soap in your neighbor's bathroom, or messing with electrical appliances like the TV and many other tricks, the goal of playing is to excite commotion and creating chaos. Obstacles include the neighbor who is present in his house and his pets such as his dog and his parrot, both of whom are trying to report you and alert the neighbor who will come when he hears their call. 

Try to do new tricks to annoy your neighbor and you will learn about these methods through the instructions of the internal game. The room in which you are located, as in the first part, so that he does not punish him in the worst ways, and you must avoid his pets as stupid, so as not to reveal your command. There are also places to hide in the game if you are in a room where your neighbor is located. Your happy neighbor.


Characters of game:-

Woody:- He is the star of a popular prank show, and he is the hero of the game, which you play with and do tricks with.

Mr Rottweiler:- He is your neighbor who you prank and prank and annoy him.
Shelly:- Your neighbor's parrot who tells him you exist.
Guard dog:- It is your neighbor's dog who tells him you exist.

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Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.