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Top 5 Mobile Games for the month of April


Today, through our website, we will present to you the 5 best games for mobile during the month of April, as the games that we have today are characterized by entertainment and we did not forget to offer a game to children as well.

1-Pico Tanks game for Android and iPhone:- 

Pico Tanks is an excellent mobile game, because it is a tank battle, 3-tank vs 3-tank fight with amazing speed. The game also has a strong strategic power that can be used to achieve the desired goal. You can download the game completely for free through this article and contact your team to eliminate the enemies.

Download Pico Tanks game. 


2-Rival Stars Horse Racing:-


It is a realistic equestrian game, you can immerse yourself in the world of horses and related activities, feel the excitement and activities of high quality horse breeding. If you are also interested in the world of horses and its exciting activities, don't miss the chance and install this game.

Download Rival Stars Horse Racing. 


3-The Catapult 2 Be a brave warrior:- 


The Catapult 2 is a game about a brave warrior defending his tower against an enemy attack. Coupled with powerful weapons to destroy the enemy. The game with attractive graphics has attracted many players around the world with millions of downloads registered.

Which shows the attractiveness of this game. You will become a super soldier with powerful weapons. He stands on the tower to attack the enemy to defend his tower. You just need to move your weapon to hit the enemy to eliminate the superior attack. Against a variety of modern enemy tools such as planes, guns, and cannons.

Download The Catapult 2.


4-Ship Sim 2019 try now to become a sea captain:-


Ship Sim 2019 is a game that offers you the most realistic and challenging ship driving experience that you will love. You will spend some time improving your control skills. And you have a wide range of missions to conquer.

At the same time during the game. You'll adjust some items manually to ensure your experience. And unlock many new ships to suit your preferences.

Download Ship Sim 2019. 


5-Train Driver - Games for kids:-


We present to you a game that is one of the best games. Entertaining for children, this is a train driver game, and parents or mothers will not worry if they leave their child. He plays this game as they have nothing to worry about for their child.

The game features simple and beautiful graphs that are popular with children. And don't get bored at all with train sounds. Which also add to the game an atmosphere of fun and enjoyment.

Download Train Driver game for kids. 

 Finally, we wish you to have a good time and that the games we presented to you will receive your approval.