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Ship Sim 2019 try now to become a sea captain


Ship Sim 2019 is a game that offers you the most realistic and challenging ship driving experience that you will love. You will spend some time improving your control skills. And you have a wide range of missions to conquer.

At the same time during the game. You'll adjust some items manually to ensure your experience. And unlock many new ships to suit your preferences.

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Description of Ship Sim 2019:-

  • Players will experience fully understandable game-play. With different tasks, they can do to earn lots of money on their way. They will take time to try out this game-play. and master the controls through certain learning levels.
  • You will need to pass this basic level. To get your driver's license. And start exciting trips at sea with your ship.
  • You will observe the ship from a third-person perspective. And you see how big it is. Sometimes the speed you reach is not as fast as the vehicles you play in other simulation games.
  • You will find new controls. Specifically, the throttle on the left side helps you control the speed of the ship. The side engines help you stop your ship. The steering button allows you to steer your ship with ease.
  • The first level is the tutorial screen. Here you will find the basic control skills that a captain can acquire.
  • When you are testing a simulation game. You will not be able to ignore the change of perspective when playing. You can find other views besides the main view. Such as the view in the cockpit of the ship, the top view, etc. So you can change the viewing angle according to your needs.
  • After completing the tutorial level. You will begin to choose the job you want to do.
  • The globe symbol will appear in the sea. And you'll need to go there to select the tasks you want. Of course, his information will be displayed quite easily. So that players can easily find the right mission. and the amount they want. Once you make your selection, your destination will appear on the map.


Features of Ship Sim 2019:-

  • You will find three different classes of ships. Passenger ship, cargo ship, and oil tanker ship.
  • Different types of ships. You can choose what you prefer.
  • Enjoy performing tasks in the Mediterranean sea.
  • A real reflection of seawater.
  • Great weather inside the game. With the time difference between day and night.

Ship Sim 2019 Download Links:-

  • Multiple control options. You can choose what suits you best while playing.
  • Challenging dynamic scenarios.
  • Feel like a real environment while playing.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.