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Best Fiends Defeat aliens and save your friends


Best Fiends It is a game in a world in which aliens have invaded. You will overcome three matches to defeat the enemies. Each level will require a different requirement. And you will have the opportunity to free up some new friends. At the same time, your friends will have unique skills that are compatible with the match elements of the game. So you will take your time to explore these exciting things.

Match 3 game-play. It's great that the three matches have become very popular among many players. At the same time, players will need to make sure that they are not moving a block in the game to make a match but to establish a connection. You will connect items that are close to each other and qualify for connection methods within the game screen.

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Description of Best Fiends:-

  • Two factors will affect this level. The two are the requirements in each level and the number of moves you can make. At the same time, each level has different needs. And sometimes you will face the main opponent of the game.
  • You can collect matching items matching the character. which can deal additional damage to these enemies. Items that are not of the same type as the character item can still be used. carry out the attack. But the damage it does is not great.
  • As you play you will notice that there will be positions corresponding to 5 different colors. So each site will occupy another character and will adapt well to the color you match.
  • You will be able to fill any five gaps so that you can perform any attack with high damage. Without having to worry too much about choosing tactics. In addition, when you complete a certain level. A new character will be launched and appear before your eyes.

Features of Best Fiends:-

  • Solving different puzzles is not difficult. that makes you upset about the game.
  • Unlock and collect the best characters with unique powers.
  • You can play with your friends through the Internet and compete with each other.
  • Start a really beautiful and challenging puzzle game in the world of Minutia.

Best Fiends Download Links:-

  • Very fun game-play. But it has some difficulty to make you a professional player.
  • Regular updates with the addition of new features to the game.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.