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Virtual Slime Play as you have a real slime in your hands


Today's game is Virtual Slime as it is a very fun and entertaining game as well as virtual. It is specially designed to be a complete slime game from all sides.

The player will think it is the real slime. To make multiple shapes of it and can sell these shapes to get gold coins. And record videos of him making shapes and sharing them with friends. And you can share with your friends the amazing slime gifts that you have made.

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Description of Virtual Slime:-

  • The game is for slime. It is a dough-like substance and has a jelly-like consistency. Lots of fun shapes can be made out of them that both kids and adults will love.
  • You can get a lot of money for selling these shapes. This app is not just for fun. But you will also feel the real fun and addiction and get away from the daily boredom.
  • Virtual Slime is a modified version of real slime. With amazing graphics, it feels very close to reality. With high-quality graphics and 3D animation. The ones used in it will make all the players fascinated by it.
  • It gives you different shapes and colors of slime. Like the ball, star, and others, slime is also distinguished by its diverse appearance.
  • As for the way to make a variety of forms of slime. It's a very easy way to mix the slime in a large bowl or blender. Then see through the mixer animations with actual gears. And you will make different and amazing shapes of slime.

Features of Virtual Slime:-

  • Slime can be sold and shipped to get a lot of money. And new colors open in the application.
  • You can view this as your group. In jars with stickers, you can display them outside the jars as well.
  • You can send gifts from slime to your friends, or they can send gifts to you as well.
  • You can become famous in the application. By sharing a video, you are making beautiful shapes of slime.

Virtual Slime Download Links:-

  • The game features excellent high-resolution graphics and high-quality graphics.
  • It also features great music with high purity and clear sound effects.
  • The game is suitable for all ages, especially the young ones, as it develops their artistic skills.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.