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Scary Teacher 3D Try to escape from it or you will be punished


Scary Teacher 3D you can by trying this game. Find out how to escape from the scary teacher. And who becomes bent on revenge on her students in a terrifying way.

Today we present to you a different and somewhat strange game. It is a scary teacher game. It is very similar to the idea of the annoying neighbors from hell game. With its different parts, it is a very popular game.

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Description of Scary Teacher 3D:-

  • The story revolves around a talented girl and her worst high school teacher. This scary teacher threatens children and punishes them. You have to put an end to this farce with this scary teacher.
  • Here the player must shoot the different pranks. towards this evil parameter. To complete his tasks. within the specified time.
  • As this scary teacher is called in the game by the name of Miss Teacher. He has a house of 15 rooms. And every room has some unsolved puzzles. The player here has to be smarter. So he can beat this teacher.
  • Your task will be to help one of the students escape from the teacher before punishing her.
  • The controls are simple. Simply click on the virtual dashboard. And you can move the image on the map. And explore each room individually.
  • As you progress and explore all the rooms. You will have to pick up and use all the items along the way.

Features of Scary Teacher 3D:-

  • 15 different rooms and secrets to solve. To be able to overcome the teacher and escape from her.
  • The ease and simplicity of the game and its control are some of the most prominent things that made it appeal to a large number of its users.
  • Credit in game design. on 3D graphics.

Scary Teacher 3D Download Links:-

  • The size of the game is very small. It does not adversely affect the safety, efficiency, and speed of operating system performance.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.