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Subway Surfers V3.6.0 Unlimited coins and keys


It is one of the most famous and popular Android games. It has arcade style and was designed and released by a game development studio Kiloo.


How to play the game:-

At the beginning you are in the role of a boy who paints train cars.

When suddenly a subway officer sees you and runs after you to arrest you now you have to jump as far as possible by jumping and avoiding the obstacles in front of you.

The higher you progress, the higher your score.

You can collect coins and items that help you escape and get the best possible score.


 What can you do with coins:-

After earning coins in the customization section, you can activate magical features for yourself.

For example by buying spring shoes you can jump to great heights instead of trying to escape, between train cars or flying through the air For a while with the help of a flying capsule.

The characters in the game:-

You control a boy named Jack which can unlock different characters as you progress through the game, each with their own costumes and abilities. 

You can challenge your friends Subway Surfers V3.6.0:-

And when you run away a history and the distance traveled will be recorded for you, which you can share with your other friends with the help of Facebook It should be noted that along the way there are items, that you can collect to get more coins. like that; Which will increase your money quickly.


Features of Subway Surfers V3.6.0:- 

  • Great graphics with exciting sound.
  • The presence of items that help you run the longest distance while playing.
  • The different characters inside the game and each of them has a special ability.
  • The most important feature of this version is the unlimited coins and keys that make the gaming experience very different.

Download Link Subway Surfers V3.6.0:-

The way to download  Subway is very easy, you only have to follow the following steps.

First download the APK installation file from the direct download links below.

Then install the downloaded file on your Android device and then enter the game and enjoy everything open and coins Unlimited cash and keys.

The game is for android device only.

Subway Surfers V3.6.0 Unlimited coins and keys Download.