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Cheating Tom Genius School mobile game


Cheating in mobile games is a contentious issue, with many players feeling that it ruins the integrity of the game and gives an unfair advantage to those who cheat. One game that has seen its fair share of cheating is Tom 2.


Tom 2 is a popular mobile game in which players help Tom to pass in his exam, Tom. Players can use power to be invisible, faster, and play with Tom, as well as earn coins and other rewards by completing in-game tasks. However, some players have turned to cheating as a way to get ahead in the game.



The way of playing Cheating Tom:- 

You have to help Tom solve the exam and get the highest score in order to succeed by cheating from his colleagues and get the correct answers in order to succeed.

While making Tom cheat the answers from his colleagues in order to make him disturb his colleagues so that they do not prevent Tom from cheating and getting the answers.

Also, cheat as quickly as possible and finish the exam before the time ends, and do not let the teacher see you cheating from your colleagues, as if he sees you cheating, he will make you fail the exam.


Utilities for you to help Tom cheating:-

  • Invisibility helps you to make Tom hidden and not make the teacher see him cheating from his classmates and get the most information.
  • Of course, at the beginning we said that you have to finish the test before the time runs out, so there is a way to help and it freezes time so that you can get the answers that help you succeed and get the highest score.
  • As for my favorite means of assistance, which makes the teacher disappear from the class, and you cheat from your colleagues however you want, even if your colleagues get annoyed, it will not harm you in anything at all.
  • The last means of assistance, which makes Tom loved by his colleagues, and they do not disturb him while he cheats from them the test answers.


Download Link Cheating Tom Genius School:-

The game is available for both mobile operating systems IOS and Android.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.