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Falafel King Game


Falafel King Game Story:-

One of the most popular and popular Egyptian games that lets you get acquainted with the most famous Egyptian food, which is the falafel sandwich. 


Where you will open a shop to sell falafel sandwiches to customers from different classes of society.


You have to make sure to meet customers' requests as quickly as possible so that they do not leave the store and lose that you are a permanent customer who comes to the store.


Description of Falafel King Game:-

The most important thing that distinguishes the game is the simplicity of the game, as all you have to do is to know the customer's request and the ingredients that he wants inside the sandwich, while you prepare the order and give it.


There are also some things that customers prefer with the sandwich, such as fries, and there is also juice and a cup of tea. 


Features of Falafel King Game:-

  1. The game is available in English.
  2. Easy to play the game.
  3. The game does not need an internet connection.
  4. Get to know the best Egyptian popular food.
  5. Listen to beautiful ancient Egyptian songs.

Falafel King Game Items:-

  • The special ingredients that help you prepare the falafel sandwich.
  • Drinks served with the sandwich, such as juices and tea.
  • You'll also find tons of rewards as you advance through the game's levels.

Falafel King Game Download Links:-

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.