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Horse racing lovers live the experience now


It is a realistic equestrian game, you can immerse yourself in the world of horses and related activities, feel the excitement and activities of high quality horse breeding. If you are also interested in the world of horses and its exciting activities, don't miss the chance and install this game.

 Description of Rival Stars Horse Racing:-

Game story:- Your grandfather was one of the best knights in the world and now you are the only one left of his family and you have to preserve his legacy. This game is about a story and tells the story of the grandfather of the main character of the game, who was one of the most famous knights of his time.

You will be on your own and should be able to manage all activities on your own, but over time you can hire support staff and run your business more robustly. The activities that you will have to perform in this game will be very diverse and you must be able to act aggressively and successfully according to your performance in the ratings.

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So enter equestrian competitions and defeat them by competing with other users and be the first person in each competition. Be careful with your horse during competitions because it needs different training and nutrition so that it can compete more aggressively. There are also many items to customize. By earning money. You are not only racing in this game and you can train your horses. Help them reproduce and do other useful activities in the game to preserve the legacy of your grandfather and pass it on to future generations. The game controls are very simple and it will be easy to access all the game functions on the screen.

Features of Rival Stars Horse Racing:-

  • Simple and easy control.
  • Ability to play in different modes.
  • Ability to use different horse breeds and create new breeds.
  • Complete your new goals and get more daily rewards.
  • Compete with other players worldwide.
  • Ability to upgrade your abilities such as speed, power and acceleration.
  • Train and upgrade your horse's skills.