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Summary of the Apple Conference 2022 - Peak Performance


Summary of the Apple conference 2022. The Apple conference ended in March 2022. And Apple released a new generation of iPhone SE, the fifth version of the iPad Air. M1 Ultra processor, Mac Studio computer and other new products.

 The session began with Tim Cook who, as usual, started talking about Apple's services in movies, film-making and Apple TV + streaming. Browse some of Apple's exclusive movies, series, and shows. Apple also revealed the addition of a baseball streaming service that American citizens love.
Tim Cook also revealed a new green color for the iPhone 13, which will be available on March 18.

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iPhone SE 3 third generation:- 

  • Apple has released a new generation of iPhone SE with the most powerful phone processor in the world, the Apple A15 processor in the iPhone 13. And of course Apple has promoted the performance numbers that we all know about the A15. iPhone 13 launch.
  • The new iPhones come in red, white and black (Apple has a different name).
  • The iPhone comes with the same glass back layer as the iPhone 13 and has an IP67 protection factor against water, and of course the iPhone SE now supports 5G.
  • The iPhone still has a single camera, but Apple has indicated that the A15 processor can significantly improve the image, which is unprecedented.
  • Phone starting at $429, available from March 18th.

Announcing a new generation of iPad Air:-

  • A new generation of iPad Air with the superior iPad Pro's M1 processor.
  • Of course, Apple boasts that the M1 processor outperforms any other device in the world of tablets, even laptops of a similar price.
  • The central camera feature on the iPad Pro is now available on the iPad Air.
  • Like the rest of the Apple family, the iPad Air supports 5G networks, and the iPad supports Apple accessories like second-generation pens and new keyboards.
  • It starts at $599 and is available starting March 18 in 64GB and 256GB capacities.

 Apple's new processor, M1 Ultra:-

  • Apple started talking about its Pro and Max generations of the Apple Silicon M1 processor, and Apple said it was time for its giant version, the M1 Ultra processor.
  • Apple said they had trouble scaling the processors and considered using two, but they found that it would lead to increased power consumption and performance loss.
  • Apple says the M1 Max processor has a piece on the bottom that Apple designed to interact with another processor. That is, 2 M1 Max processors can be connected together to get the M1 Ultra.
  • The processor contains 114 billion transistors, which is seven times more than the M1 processor.
  • The processor supports memory data transfer speeds of up to 800 GB / s, which is 10 times the number of the latest computers on the market, and it is equipped with 128 GB of memory and a processor of 20 cores, of which 16 cores are used for performance. Which Apple says can be compared to traditional 10-core processors, consumes 65% less power than a computer.
  • When comparing the performance of the M1 Ultra processor with the latest 16-core processors, we found that it provides a 90% performance increase at the same level of power consumption.
  • The processor can also reach peak performance by consuming 100W less power than a 16-core processor for the same performance.

 New Mac Studio:- 

  • Apple introduced a new device in the Mac family called Mac Studio It is the big brother of the Mac mini. Which can be considered as Mac Super Mini.
  • The fan comes with a unique design that starts with fans that pull in the device and cool it down in a great way.
  • There are four Thunderbolt ports on the back. There are two USB ports, an HDMI port and an Ethernet port.
  • Mac Studio comes with two USB C ports, a card reader port, and connects to up to four Apple XDR displays .
  • A computer is 2.5 times faster than any other computer. It is 50% faster than the world's fastest computer and runs 3.4 times faster than a Mac Pro. which contains a 5700XT  graphics card.
  • And Apple reviewed many numbers that show the superiority of Mac Studio with the M1 Max processor on popular Apple devices. Yes, all of the above and we are talking about the studio version with the M1 Max processor and not the M1 Ultra. As for the M1 Ultra, it is enough to know that it is 90% faster than the 16-core X-eon processor that costs $ 8000.
  • A Mac Pro with a W6900x Display Card costs $13,000. The M1 Ultra is 60% better than the Mac Pro in terms of graphics. The difference is huge because it outperforms the Mac Pro by 80% with a display card W6900x.
  • The new Mac supports 64GB of graphics memory for the M1 Max. While the Ultra has 128 GB. Apple's new display card outperforms other monitors in terms of memory and storage capacity.
  • Mac Studio is now available for pre-order, starting at $1999.99 for the M1 processor.
  • The M1 Ultra starts at $3999 and goes up to $7999 and is available for pre-order starting now and will be available for sale on March 18th.

This was the summary of the Apple Conference 2022, the most important thing that Apple presented today at its Event. Waiting for Apple at the next Event, which will be special developers. In it, the different versions of the various operating systems that Apple devices run on are announced.