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The Café Game Recipes and Stories

People's favorite popular café bakery and restaurant Game Story. She set out to help Chef Ann open an elegant café and serve her guests. Delicious drinks and baked goods.

 The game starts from your cafe and the adventure begins as you set off to a quiet town. And open a stylish cafe with your friend Ann. Serve coffee, cook bakery goods and immerse yourself in the love of cooking. With many interesting anecdotes and stories.

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Description of The Café Game Recipes and Stories:-

  • Story mode with unique characters and meaningful relationships. Learn the stories of your regulars. Affect life gossip, make new friends and experience your kitchen. A restaurant adventure in a life simulator.
  • Coffee corner, fast food, dinners, desserts and hot drinks. In the cafe fans of pizza games.
  • Design your own cafe with more than 900 decorative elements.
  • Managing restaurant staff, hiring, and training well-trained staff in making restaurant food.


Features of The Café Game Recipes and Stories:-

  • Build a restaurant and design a good interior, pizza bakery or restaurant hire staff, buy furniture, improve the kitchen and put prices on the menu. 
  • Design your coffee shop from glamorous decorative elements after all. Accuracy in detail makes the café the brightest café on the street.
  • Discover baking and cooking, including sweet food and drinks. Coffee Tales, Mojito Cupcakes, and more. Feel the joy of cooking in today's game.
  • Develop your own business strategy and manage significant risk. Or go slow to ensure profit and growth in the game.
  • Bring your restaurant to life with impactful, colorful customer stories for children and adults. Interact with the game's story through your choices in responses to influence the direction of the story. And make new friends in your neighborhood where you own the restaurant. Each story is unique in the cafe.


The Café Game Recipes and Stories Download Links:-

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.