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Download Pico Tanks game for Android and iPhone


You can now download the game Pico Tanks, which has a quick and direct link. For all modern mobile phones running on the Android platform. This one is for everyone who is not familiar with this game as a tactical game.

Using a strategic tank that is easy to use, dynamic and dynamic. You can visit the following line on the programming site to know all the details of the game.

Pico Tanks is an excellent mobile game, because it is a tank battle, 3-tank vs 3-tank fight with amazing speed. The game also has a strong strategic power that can be used to achieve the desired goal. You can download the game completely for free through this article and contact your team to eliminate the enemies.

Explanation of the game Pico Tanks for Android and iPhone:- 

Now you can enjoy epic battles and brawls between 3V3 tanks, carried out with friends and competitors during the game Friends also have a lot of unique maps, the purpose of which is to guide the way and style of the game, so share the game with friends in order to win the battle against the enemy in real time.

What happens in the game is nothing more than a series of fights that take place in a chaotic manner. The player fights all these battles with other players as well as friends via 3V3 tanks and can win in many available ways and tactics, so get a powerful tank moment with the team you lead during the game and you must take the burden on yourself before your opponents tear it down and take out their own base, the rest of the team defends about the base.


How to fight in Pico Tanks:-

This game is one of the fast-paced games where the contestants compete in a group of races held collectively where one group of 3 players play with 3 or more other players provided they have the same rank as the opponent to destroy the enemy tanks and score as many points as possible from Winning At the end of this battle, the player will fight his team, just like tanks, they are designed to suit the enemy's fighting tactics as the formed team provides victory tactics. 

Pico Tanks offers a wide range of different weapons so that you can choose between them to suit the game-play and tactics of war to choose your favorite weapon to fight with friends and other enemies, you can also start fighting with your favorite tank, but choose a fan with great potential. In order to be able to win easily, as tank abilities are what helps you, so you can penetrate the battlefield and win against enemies and fight your character, you need to fill up your tank and customize a special tank to win on the battlefield with rubber antenna and pizza crust.


Pico Tanks game features:-

  1. The ability to participate in three-on-three battles online with friends.
  2. Team building and promotion in global competition.
  3. The ability to equip various types of weapons.
  4. The ability to improve the abilities and powers of the players.
  5. Customizable appearance of tanks and combat equipment.
  6. Having excellent graphics.
Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.