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Download Fall Guys for free now


Download the game Fall Guys for free now, the company that developed the game Fall Guys has released the game for free. So that the largest number of players can play it, as the game is loved by a large number of people. The reason why the game is so popular is the very entertaining graphics of the game. Where it attracts adult and young and this is what made the game fun.

The developer of Fall Guys made the game free with the start of the new game season. And of course, with the new season of the game, new levels have been added, as well as new skins for the characters. We will mention it in the following points. 

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Download Fall Guys, the most important additions of the new season:-

  • Of course whoever plays the game knows that at the beginning of the game you can play the game either alone or with your friends with a maximum of three of your friends. In order to form a team of four and of course it is better to reach the final round together. The crown will be awarded to one of the team members. 
  • At the beginning of the game you start with 60 players and in each level during the game there is a specific number of players who will qualify for the next level.
  • Elimination continues between players until they reach the final round, and it is usually between 8 to 12 players. They compete for the crown. And whoever gets the crown is the winner.
  • The developer of the game launched new levels of the game with the beginning of the new season. The levels are more like a gymnasium and there is an audience present to see the competition between the players.

Fall Guys download links for all platforms:-

The game is free for all gaming platforms such as computers, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo devices.

All you have to do is choose the platform you play on and click on the link.

Download Fall Guys for Computer.

Download Fall Guys for PlayStation.

Download Fall Guys for Xbox.

Download Fall Guys for Nintendo. 

Finally, we hope that the game developer will release it on mobile devices. But we have a similar game for mobile devices that you can see through this link.

Download Stumble Guys, a free version similar to Fall Guys.