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Farm Life in ROBLEX


This game is very special in that it differs from the ideas of other games because there are many games in city life, but the game of living in the countryside is something different and more than very wonderful.

Which is that you as a user when you enter that game you will make your house but it is rural and then you will ride your car and go to the farm next to your house. 

And then arriving, you will go to the camps that you will make and plant in them and plant different things and you will go and after a period of days you will go again to the same place and you will find that your crop has grown.

You will come to harvest this whole crop, harvest the fruits and vegetables, and throw the seeds again to re-plant and provide the necessary food that you will sell from and make a lot of money.


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Explanation of the game Farm Life:-

You will be the owner of many large lands, which will have many crops, which you will care for carefully and provide water and the appropriate atmosphere for each planting of them. 

After that you have to sort the crop and sort the vegetables and put them in the boxes of collecting vegetables and fruits also put them in the fruit boxes.


Farm Life game features:-

  • Learn about farming methods.
  • It is very fun and has a lot of entertainment.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Their locations differ according to the different stages.