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Download Subway Surfers Game 2.34 Gold and Unlimited Keys


Download Subway game, the most famous game in the mobile world. We present it to you today, but with an important advantage, which is that the version that we present to you today. It is characterized as unlimited gold and keys so that you can play the game as you wish.

As today we will introduce you to the game by downloading a direct link right away. Without the trouble of finding the link or being transferred to a waiting page. As soon as you click on download, the game begins to download. Today, we present to you the latest version of the game, which is 2.34.0, which distinguishes this version of the game.

The company that developed the game is celebrating the tenth anniversary of the game's release. Since the first time, you have made an update to the game that fits the atmosphere of celebrating the tenth anniversary since its launch. 

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Download Subway Game Features of the new version:- 

  • What is distinguished in today's release is that gold coins and keys have absolutely no limits so that you can play as you wish.
  • When playing and if you are hindered, you can continue playing and not lose the points you scored. With unlimited keys you can continue playing. And reach very high points.
  • With unlimited gold coins, you can open as many gift boxes as you like. And provide the level of special skills. Which helps you while playing like a magnet that collects gold coins for you.
  • You can buy powers that help the play character increase his running speed. As you wish, you are not restricted to the number of gold coins or keys that you have at all.


You can benefit from unlimited gold coins to unlock all game characters such as:-

  1. Actress Tricky has blonde hair. She is considered one of the main game characters after Jack.
  2. Fresh is the third character after Jack and Tricky, and he always carries a radio with him while jogging.
  3. And a lot of different characters inside the game, such as the little girl, the tennis ball character, and the prince.
  4. The game developers are always working on adding a new temporary character with each new release.

Download Links:- 

This version of the game is only available for Android phones.

Download the game for the Android system.