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Super Hero Adventure Obby Roblox map


Super Hero Captain Blox roblox helper game, you will become the hero who will protect the city. And help the city police to solve all the problems facing the city. Superman will help you and give you important tips that help you solve the problems you face.

The city has become dependent on you to solve all the problems because there is an evil doctor who has withdrawn the supernatural powers of Captain Blox. He did a character impersonating Captain Blox and carried out acts of vandalism in the city. So the police don't trust the real Captain Blox and you have to solve the city's problems. For the police to come back again and trust Captain Blox

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Explanation of the stages of the Captain Blox assistant game:-

  • In the beginning, Captain Blox asks you to help him after the evil doctor withdrew the superpowers that Captain Blox had. Where you have to solve the problems of the city and stop the evil doctor and return the powers of Captain Blox to him.
  • The first stage, Captain Blox will make you pass the obstacles on the road and walk without crashing into them.
  • The second stage teaches you to pass the obstacles but while you are running at a high speed.
  • The third stage There is a problem in the city train and Captain Blox goes to solve it, but the police prevent him and do not believe him. This is because they consider him to be a very normal person after the evil doctor loses his superpowers.
  • So Captain Blox depends on you to solve the train problem in order for the police to believe that he is the real Captain Blox. And that he was exposed to the evil plot of the evil doctor.


Captain Blox Roblox Helper Game Download Links:-

First, if you do not have the game already installed on your device, you can download the game from our website.

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Second, the link to download the mod for Captain Blox

Super Hero Adventure Obby Roblox map