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Try To Be a Theme Park Manager


You can manage this theme park to get rich. You should try to develop this park and open new attractions in this park to become a fun and amazing park. This amazing and exciting theme park has many facilities and game consoles like carousel, train, horror house and lots of different rides.

There are ticket booths in this park which you have to manage to earn money. You need to increase the parking spaces to increase the number of customers. You need to hire security guards to keep the park safe. You should also hire employees to control all the game facilities and equipment. You should try to make this park the best park in the world. 

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Description of Theme Park Manager:-

  • An interesting and wonderful game that simulates a park and amusement park for games.
  • The ability to manage and earn money in the park by selling tickets and games inside the park.
  • It has different play equipment like carousel, train, horror house and electric cars.
  • The ability to appoint guards to maintain security and to organize visitors inside the park.
  • The ability to assign employees to control and maintain gaming devices.
  • The graphics inside the game are very unique and make you feel fun while playing.


Features of Theme Park Manager:-

  1. Save your progress in the cloud and retrieve it if you change your device.
  2. Make important business decisions. 
  3. Update the games to increase your earnings.

Theme Park Manager Download Links:-

Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.