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Download the game My time at Portia for iPhone and Android


You can now, through our website, download the game My time at Portia The adventure game My Time in Portia was released a long time ago. A very promising project, it showcases unique ideas by introducing a game system that provides the basis for RPGs. Which shows that "My Time in Portia" promised a lot of valuable content.

But Team 17 still represents Pathea Games It's the crystallization of the game developers they consider the product of their collaboration. They need an amount of money to support the project to be established. This is actually a Kickstarter game that has been completed in the support phase. Able to achieve set goals and exceed targets. This is to ensure that the project is actually launched and can only be foreseen.

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Description of My time at Portia:-

When you enter the game you will find yourself in a sparsely populated world where money is of little value. So you may find that bartering is the best way to get what you need. You should look for anything that can make you live longer. She drinks drinks, weapons, tools, and anything of value.

Feel free to get it in this exciting game. Come here and keep searching and playing to survive and last as long as possible. This takes a lot of effort and dedication in this exciting world.

 After downloading the survival game. You will find yourself in a vast open world. This is your new adventure and you will find another kind of fun and great excitement in searching, exploring and trying to understand the surroundings. So if you find someone with aspirations, please keep looking and keep looking for any resources.

Few people try to deal with them and find their own interests. Not forgetting that you are here to survive in any place without any emotional room. But only if you are looking for common interests and things that will only benefit you. Of course you should expect any response. There is so much more, you just need to be fully prepared to wait for you here, and then you can face it. 

Explanation of the game My time at Portia:-

Start a new life in the charming town of Portia by fulfilling commissions, growing crops and raising animals. Return the neglected Pa workshop to its former glory, and make friends with the inhabitants of this enchanted land nearby. Pa arm books and workbenches, and help locals rebuild the city. And discover the secrets under the "City". It is not easy to prepare.

This is the theme of "My Time in Portia" that has been released. This is an interesting game, Portia is full of new friendly faces that you can meet, make friends, exchange gifts, date and let the romance blossom.


 "My Time in Portia" offers an innovative farming method that allows players to use flower boxes and semi-automatic watering systems. He can even travel around the city on the back of a horse or llama.

Players can also use exciting sculpting furniture and decorations to use their own character, each piece will add color to his character, Portia's exceptional community is filled with vibrant and unforgettable faces, filled with vibrant characters, daily action and fascinating stories, go to work, dine, train and interact with others.

But as players explore the ancient ruins and dungeons of Portia, the game is not without excitement and suspense, carrying an axe and treasure scanner in the past, and he must make sure to equip the weapon, because there are many terrifying monsters standing between him and these precious treasures.

Download the game for the iPhone system.
Download the game for the Android system.