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The Queen of Fashion is a story and acting game


The fashion queen game, a story and representation game. The game is aimed at girls who love the world of fashion, beauty, and fashion. And some lovely quiet activities. Unlike boys who love action and fighting games.

It mimics girls who love to play with dolls in terms of coordinating clothes and accessories, as well as putting some powder on the face of the game girls, which is very similar to the famous Barbie dolls that are adored by young and old girls.

It appears at the beginning of the game. A girl is in her house and the player will roam all her rooms. Which appear with great decor, bright colors, and coordination. And you have to do the daily activities for that girl. In terms of changing pajamas, brushing teeth, and taking care of her hygiene. In addition to performing a lot of activities. Which is cooking, dancing, eating and other activities that the girl will do.

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Features of The Queen of Fashion is a story and acting game:-

  • The game is free from boredom. It consists of several stages. In each stage, different and completely new tasks and activities will be opened.
  • And the game has gained great popularity and great acclaim, especially from the category of young children and girls.
  • It contains everything that Barbie dolls want. And the diversity of clothes, accessories, hairstyles, room colors, fashion, fashion, and other things. Which attracts a large number of girls and young girls.
  • Contribute to the development of creative aspects and new ideas. Inside each user is playing it. It gives you the ability to create a character and choose your clothes and accessories. That is, you are responsible for choosing the style of the character from head to toe.
  • You are also responsible for creating a story and getting the bride inside. To be one of the characters in the story. To meet some other individuals guys and girls. And you meet new friends. In addition to being subjected to many tests that qualify her to reach stardom. And walk the red carpet to the world.

The Queen of Fashion is a story and acting game Download link:-

  • High-quality graphics supported. 3D technology. As well as the use of subtle and harmonious colors. As well as the use of many exciting activities within the game.
  • Sound effects that make you feel like you are part of the game. Where it simulates reality in terms of sounds close to the truth.
  • Its light size does not take up a lot of internal phone space.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.