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Download Outlander Fantasy Survival for Android 2022


Outlander Fantasy Survival is now available! on Android phone devices. Get into a fantasy role-playing game. This is from the real world! Build a haven, solve puzzles and defeat enemies -become a genius pilot. In medieval magic and steal unique treasures. Apply the achievements of the modern era Invent gunpowder, and create the first weapon of firepower. Shoot goblins with a shotgun, and use shards to blow up a goblin summoner. Promote the survival of agriculture and local industry. Build an inaccessible shelter to protect your secrets from other astronauts. You have to survive an alien world.

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Features of Outlander Fantasy Survival for Android 2022:-

  •  What distinguishes the game is that it is wide-ranging and full of secrets, you will start your adventure in a relatively small area. Where you will face the first demon. However. You will soon come to a large map. Can be used to move to different areas. There is an area where shelters can be created. Whenever a character is injured in battle, they will return to the area. 
  • It is an interesting role-playing game. Which can offer you similar gameplay.which you will find in the two games “Last Day on Earth” or “Grim Soul.” But in a similar way to the classic Nox games.It should also be noted that the graphics are amazing.
  •  It is an RPG similar to the last day on earth, set in a medieval fantasy world. Full of ghouls, fairies, and elves, the fact that the game is different adds to the excitement. The heroin it is an ordinary person. And then he is transported to a strange world.

Outlander Fantasy Survival for Android 2022 Download Link:-

  • The control system in Fantasy Survival is very similar to what you find in other games.
  • Use the thumb of your left hand. To control the hero's movements, use the thumb of your right hand to pick up items from the ground and attack the enemy at the bottom of the screen.
  • You'll find some buttons that give you access to inventory and 'recipes', which will help you create different types of machines using the bundled tools.
Download the game for the Android system.