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Abu Shahkha mobile game, the latest game for iPhone and Android phones


Abu Shahkha mobile game is one of the latest games, which has spread recently. Because of its strange name, which the user is not used to, it is one of the simple and fun games. The idea of the game is very simple, as you have to play the main character of the game. He is Abu Shekha. You have to pass the multiple stages before the time runs out during the turn.

The nice thing about the game is that the developers of the game put two phases into the game. If the player manages to beat them, he will be entered into a raffle for valuable prizes. There are two prizes that one of them may welcome, the first prize is a Galaxy S20 mobile phone, and the second prize is a Lenovo brand tablet.

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 Description of Abu Shahkha mobile game, the latest games for iPhone and Android phones:-

  • At the beginning of the game, you will find special music for the game, which is designed after the name of the main character of the game. He is the hero Abu Shakha.
  • The main interface of the game has three windows, the first window is to start the game and enter to choose the stage in which you will play. The second window gifts are to find out the gifts, which you will get if you pass two stages. We will explain to them when we get to explain the stages of the game, the third window, which is the store, and we will explain it in the next point.
  • Inside the shop window, you will be able to buy different characters to play with but to get the characters is done through. Either collect the pile of poo while playing within the stages or buy them through the store. You can also buy bullets, which you use while playing to overcome obstacles and win stages.
  • The game stages are divided into four stages, the first stage is the mountain and the second stage in the forest. The third stage, the ice stage, the fourth stage, the sky stage, each stage is divided into 10 roles.
  • If you pass the third stage, the Ice stage, you will be entered into the tablet prize draw.
  •  If the fourth stage crosses the sky stage, you will be among the players to draw the Galaxy S20 mobile phone.

    Links to download the game Abu Shahkha for mobile, the latest games for iPhone and Android phones:-

    1. The game is available on both platforms, the iPhone platform through the App Store. And the Android phone platform through the Play Store.
    2. Although the game's graphics are simple, it is very good and the colors are distinctive.
    3. The variety of sounds that you will find inside the game, you will find at the beginning of the game special music. The name of the game character is Abu Shekha, and at every stage, during the game, you will find famous and well-known music for everyone.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.