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The story of a woman who donated an eye to her husband


One day, while the mother was on her death bed...
She put her hand on her daughter's face and said...
I dreamed of seeing you as a bride and seeing my grandchildren filling this house..but my dream will not come true..

Therefore, I advise you, my love, to take care of your father..and not to refuse his request..and if you want to marry one choose a man of good qualities..and to be of high morals..and not to worry about his prestige and his money..or his knowledge.


It is for his creation, generosity, and culture..because his knowledge and money are used in his field of work, while his culture and generosity will give you the largest share in the house..
The mother died and the father and daughter remained at home alone
The father used to go daily from morning until evening in search of their livelihood.. and he was very worried about his only daughter in the house.

And one day, at dinner, the father said to his daughter:
I will ask you for a request, my daughter.. his daughter said?

You have grown up my daughter??? and you have rejected many husbands.. and I worry about you a lot when I go and leave you alone in this house.. so I decided.. to.. marry a woman and let her help us with the housework.!!!! What do you think.

His daughter said with tears in her eyes, as you wish, father.
After a while, the father married a well-off woman who had secured for her husband a job in a company for one of her relatives. 

But it did not take long for problems to erupt between the daughter and her stepmother. The wife said to her husband????
Me or your daughter is in this house!!!!
The father said!!!! I will marry her to the first groom to propose to her
The wife said... The groom is present, but you agreed???
The husband..and who is the groom?

The wife said that the groom is the son of the owner of the company, rich and educated, and he fell in love with the beauty of your daughter a while ago....
The daughter was forced to marry the son of the owner of the company, to please her father and his wife.
But it was only a short period of time that the young wife discovered that she had gone to her husband's house as if she was a maid..not a wife.So he was a husband of bad manners..arrogant.

Most of the days he returns home while he is drunk.. He lends her poverty, and she is not of his place, and that her father is hired by him, so her life was like hell..
One day, the poor woman's husband had a traffic accident, losing both his eyes. And he became blind. There is no solution but to have a donor to an eye while he is alive and within three hours. But to no avail..there is no donor.


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The good wife said, I will donate one of my eyes to my husband.. and I will not leave him blind for the rest of his life....
After the success of the operation. He looked back at the husband with great joy and thanked his wife for what she had given him.. and wanted to celebrate this happy occasion. So he gathered his friends, relatives and girlfriends, and they all thanked his wife for what she had given to her husband and for her loyalty and love for him..and they took commemorative pictures on this beautiful occasion.

One day, while the wife was making tea, the husband was browsing through the photo album and looked at his beautiful girlfriends and looked at his wife and said.........
Oh my God, how am I going to spend the rest of my life with her while she is with one eye?

He did not take care of the feelings of his wife, who sacrificed one eye for him. For the sake of outer beauty

Unfortunately, this is the case for most people at this time who do not care at all about the inner essence of his life partner, which is kindness, love and taking into account the feelings of the beloved.
The concern now is with the external aesthetic appearances only and the financial and social condition.

Therefore, my friend, I make sure that you find someone who loves you for your essence, and you also care about loving the essence of your loved one to make your life happy.

And you have got a good life partner who will help you face the hardships of life.