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Buddy Toss Throw people in the air and have fun


Buddy Toss is an arcade and funny game, where you play like a bodybuilder. He throws his friend in the air to get him to the highest point possible. Tap to throw the guy in his arms in the air and tap on it again before he falls to the ground. But if you are not careful, your friend will hit the ground during his fall.

The game-play in Buddy Toss is so easy and simple. All you have to do is tap the screen to make the bodybuilder raise his hands and wave his friend into space. If you do it right. Your friend will fly in the air for a considerable period. Otherwise, it will only fly for a short time. And if you do it too early or too late, the game will be over.

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Description of Buddy Toss:-

  • When you continue to play and throw your friend higher and higher and accumulate points. You can unlock new content like other bodybuilders for example.
  • You will also be able to improve your level. The higher the level of your bodybuilder. The higher you can throw your friend, for example.
  • The game comes up with a rather strange idea. Very simple game-play. Very interesting. It's the perfect game for playing some quick rounds.

Features of Buddy Toss:-

  • The design of the game is absolutely perfect. And give an atmosphere of fun while playing.
  • There is no limit to playing the game as it is endless. The more I worked to develop a bodybuilder man. To playing more and more.

Buddy Toss Download Links:-

  • The game is available with tablets.
  • Make sure to be on the leader-board while playing. Through the list of the highest points.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.