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Bomber Friends blast your way through the arenas


Beautiful and traditional game for mobile devices. Designed by game development studio Hyperkani Studio. This game was published on Google Play and there got a large number of positive feedback from users from all over the world.

What make is the game so speciality. Is that the idea of a game similar to an old game? It was played by the generation of the nineties.

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Description of Bomber Friends:-

  • You can play as a single-player, two players or multiplayer. And spend hours playing this addictive game. In this beautiful game.
  • You have launchers with which you have to destroy blocks and obstacles in your way and blast your enemies on the phone screen.
  • You can play the game offline mode or online. In offline mode, like most other games. Go through the stages of the game and have fun.
  • And in online mode. Thus you can fight with other users and your friends. It is a multiplayer game on your phone.
  • Beware, you are dealing with bombers. Also, collect power-ups to get more powerful bombs and fight against your opponents with more power and fun.

Features of Bomber Friends:-

  • You can challenge your friends or play against Strange opponents.
  • Customize your character in the game to be unique.
  • The game contains more than Five hundred levels.
  • Find your way through six different worlds filled with exotic monsters.
  • The game-play makes you spend a long time playing with excellent sound.
  • Classic blaster game-play.
  • Then collect power-ups to get more powerful bombs.

Bomber Friends Download Links:-

  • Online multiplayer mode for Two to Eight players.
  • There are different achievements that you have to achieve while playing. To make you a special player.