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Hunter Assassin 2 Be a fighter with high tactics


It is a new action game. You are an assassin trained in the use of shadows. and your surroundings to defeat your enemies. Each eliminated target drops valuable items. Use them to unlock and upgrade new weapons and heroes.

A superhero appears with more difficult challenges. Are you confident enough to defeat all the notorious gangsters with just one gun? Your enemies will not use the ancient attacks. They are equipped with modern weapons and special guard arrangements against you. If you are not brave enough your every move can be detected. The result of this discovery was instant death. This exciting action simulation game will give you feelings you never thought possible. Let's choose the right weapon, attack your opponent's base and kill them in silence and surprise.

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Description of Hunter Assassin 2:-

  • While playing you need maximum patience and dexterity. If you do not meet these two factors, the chances of the enemy catching you with a few moves are very high.
  • Your enemies always have a flashlight and a machine gun. Their job is to guard the base and kill the intruders. Therefore, they are always on the move to keep an eye on the nooks and crannies.
  • Your task is to hide in the dark, move sensibly, and kill the enemy in silence.
  • In addition, try to avoid the light from the enemy's lamp as if they were seeing you. They will kill you instantly. This light is the most exciting factor because players must use ingenuity to have a reasonable movement strategy.
  • Note that each time an enemy is detected. One LifePoint will be deducted. If you lose all these points, you lose. Moreover, the way to control the character in the game is also simple. Use the buttons provided on the screen to move your character the way you want.

Features of Hunter Assassin 2:-

  • At the end of each mission, you need to fight the boss. Let's win to complete the mission.
  • Bosses always have powerful equipment and move wisely, so you need to know how to navigate and hide in safe places.
  • There are many locations on the map where health potions are located. You can approach them to recharge.
  • You can get chests from completing missions or buy them in the shop with coins or diamonds.

Hunter Assassin 2 Download Links:-

  • You will find the difficulty in the game. It's not a bad thing but it will pique your interest in the game.
  • The higher levels you reach. You will find an increase in the number of enemies and the level of difficulty.
  • Always be careful and defeat all enemies.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.