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Escape Gym Obby Parkour:-

This game is one of the most beautiful games, which represents a real form in a great sense of the meanings of pursuit and adventure in attempts to escape from the gym.

Escape Gym Obby Parkour Game Description:-

This game boils down to the fact that you will be present in the gym, where you have to perform all the exercises in order to be able to get out of the gym.


You have to implement the coach's words by performing the exercises so that he does not get angry at you and lock you inside the gym and not drive you out.


You will find many exercises such as jumping, high jumping and swimming. 

Escape Gym Obby Parkour Game features:-

  1. It differs in its own type of pursuit and increases its suspense.
  2. She relies on the gym trainer's deceptions to escape from it.
  3. Many users like it.
  4. There are many different stages.
  5. It is characterized by different places for the best in each stage.
  6. It has an icon for inviting friends to play with you and chase together.
  7. There are settings that enable you to control the game as you want.

Escape Gym Obby Parkour Game Properties:-

  • There is a list of change or replace everything you want.
  • There are giant buildings inside.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Escape Gym Obby Parkour Game Roblox Download Link:-

First, if you do not have the game already installed on your device, you can download the game from our website.

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Second, the link to download the mod Escape Gym Parkour Roblox.

Escape Gym Obby Parkour mod.