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Escape The Diner Obby Parkour


Escape The Diner Obby Parkour:-

This game includes that you, as a user, visit a restaurant to enjoy its beautiful atmosphere, which you love, but something will happen that is not felt at all, and you will try to escape from the dinner. 

Escape The Diner Obby Parkour Game Description:-

You will be full of enthusiasm to go to your favorite restaurant, which many of the city's residents love because of its beautiful food, which may become interesting in a very large format.

And big things will happen to you that after you go to your friend, but you go to this restaurant, you will sit and wait for the dinner you requested, but about that you will discover mysterious things.

These things will enable you to discover dangerous things that are not suitable for eating because of what was found in them. You will try to complain to those in the restaurant, but you knew their secret thus, so they will not let you go in peace.

In order not to mention what you found and curse them, closing the restaurant because of their contents, which you find, and then taking you to a place to lock you and your friend, but it will enable you to escape from them, you and the other user.

And then you escape together, and then you will enter the stock room in order to discover from him any way that can get you out of this ordeal, and you will discover a room, but when you enter it.

You will see a room whose land is filled with something mysterious and dangerous that fills the ground and drowns it, but there are many tools that you can jump over in order not to touch this sliding material, and then you cross from this room.

And when you cross and enter the second room, you will meet yourself that you have gone to the restaurant, in which there will be many workers in it, and who have known that you are being chased by them, so you must hurry very quickly so that they do not catch you.

Escape The Diner Obby Parkour Game features:-

  1. There are many different obstacles that increase its fun.
  2. Lots of players like it.
  3. Its area is very small.
  4. It has many different stages.
  5. You have paid tools to use in escape attempts.

Escape The Diner Obby Parkour Game Properties:-

  • There are many menus to control the volume and color of the game.
  • It has an icon that enables you to change the player used.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Escape The Diner Obby Parkour Game Roblox Download Link:-

First, if you do not have the game already installed on your device, you can download the game from our website.

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Second, the link to download the mod Escape The Diner Roblox.

Escape The Diner Obby Parkour!(NEW!)