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My Talking Angela Game 2


Your best virtual friend ever for My Talking Angela 2. My Talking Games will be very well-known and widely loved because of the fact the game-play is simple and you can try endlessly. The game does not contain any intended content, you just want to bring everyone a lovable and friendly friend, and at the same time, understand the feelings of girls and give them entertaining moments.

The most impressive thing about this game is the interaction between the player and Angela and perform many other actions or activities to increase the love.

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Description of My Talking Angela:-

  • Players can accompany Angela in the crowded streets, shop together, and enjoy the feeling of becoming an energetic and energetic girl in modern life.
  • Interact with Angela in daily activities. The relaxation and friendliness of the game are absolute. It gives players a new sense of the smart game and has real interaction for players to explore.
  • Angela is a fun and dynamic cat girl and players can interact with her directly like touch, swipe, and many other actions available in the game.
  • Moreover, Angela always has a virtual turn, and she will interact with the player through her voice or expression, such as hunger, wanting to have fun, going out, etc.

Features of My Talking Angela:-

  • The game contains endless mini activities for Angela, which makes the game more lively and fun.
  • Design your beautiful home with Angela is a cat but still has the energetic personality of a young woman, so the player must meet many conditions and constantly take care of her to improve her level of empathy.
  • Shopping has always been a popular activity among women, which is the same for guys to have fun with Angela. The recreation will construct a digital metropolis with countless appealing alternatives or even divide it into different brands, and players must navigate through the city to reach those places.

My Talking Angela Download Links:-

  • The game always offers players the latest premium content in the world.
  • The participant also can buy many different objects, together with objects to elevate and broaden Angela.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.