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Download ice cream man game for mobiles


Now you can download the Ice Cream Man game, which is one of the best and most powerful horror games on Android devices for free. It is one of the most unique and amazing games, which is popular with hundreds of likes. Thousands of people loved it when the game was released.

it became very famous due to the huge fan interest in her. Horror and excitement game for Android, because the game received thousands of times on the first day of its download.

Story of ice cream man game:-

After downloading the scary ice cream man game, you will find yourself in a neighbour-hood full of kids and friends. And you find that the ice cream man has kidnapped them in front of you. The Ice Cream Man will immobilize your best friend with some kind of superpower and then transport him somewhere on the truck.

You have lost your friend now and the situation is worse. What if there were more children. Who loves ice cream about a scary ice cream man.


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Features of Spooky Ice Cream Man 2:-

ICE SCREAM 2 for Android has a strange, mysterious and frightening story, similar to the computer horror game Granny. It revolves around the story of a mobile ice cream merchandiser who has just arrived in your area.

An ice cream seller with a big ice cream hat on his head is travelling with his truck. one day.

When your best thing is to buy ice cream, you will see this ice cream seller come out of your window, but this weird ice cream seller will freeze your friends with some power.

In Ice Scream for Android, you can save your friend from this terrible guy named Rod. Once he kidnapped him, he will immediately take your friend to an unknown place and then back to the same place.

To find out where she is and where she lives, you must secretly climb up to Van Rod and then go where he went to explore these places and find your friend.

This is an adventure, arcade, and horror game. It is one of the great games created by the Spanish studio Keplerians Horror Games. Keplerian Horror Games is "Horror Sisters: Horror" and other horror games creator.

As the name suggests, the game focuses on creating scary fantasy games, so we brought you this article on your favourite website, and the link provides a direct and easy link to download different versions of the game.

Link for Download Spooky Ice Cream Man 2:-

The game has interesting ideas, interesting fantasy adventures and scary players, but due to the low level of violence and fantasy, the game is not scary, it could just be an action game.

Although the general nature of the game and its history apply to younger audiences in one way or another, there are no reports of violent or gory scenes in the game.

This game contains very interesting and beautiful adventures that you will not find in any other games The game is suitable for all ages and has beautiful graphics which makes the game more interesting, interesting and more realistic.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.