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Bright Memory game for iPhone and Android


Bright Memory Game We all love fantasy and science fiction because there are so many great movies and science fiction series that occupies a big place in a short time because when a fictional story is produced, there is a great plot and the material when Fang equals, whether it's good Or evil or enemy, you will find this movie is great and popular because a lot of people are tired of realism, but fantasy is still fun and loved by a lot of people, so the game the company has already started making games based on this.

In it you will find a lot of imagination at the same time you will find many wonderful innovative weapons and many wonderful adventures, in addition, when you make wonderful dramatic plots, you will find that the game is beautiful and the most beautiful and interesting that we show you today one of these very popular games, and it has spread On a large scale and has become a popular place this is the game Bright Memory.

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Bright Memory game:-

In this game, you will start walking on the planet and fighting enemies there you will find many cool and special skills for you to use in the game, we urge you to divide these skills into a lot of parts, each of them is directed to certain things, there is also a part about weapon capabilities by developing skills such as Swords and weapons, there will be another part in the movement of the body.

You will develop physical and defensive combat skills in this part because it is considered one of the most important parts of the skills, skills to avoid enemy attacks and other defences and offensive combat skills that you will need, this weapon will not kill all enemies because it is very powerful, but it will not kill giant enemies and huge monsters where it will not kill enemies with anti-armour For bullets shot and now we will present the full game.

Features of Bright Memory game:-

There are many features that the company has put into the game. Which gave the game a favourite among other games. And now we will show you some of the features of this game:-

1- The game includes a lot of amazing skills that you will need while playing.
2- The game has a very smooth and flexible control system that gives you good control over the game character.
3- There are a lot of challenging and exciting puzzles that you will find as you play.
4- There are a lot of exciting events that will make the game experience very special.

Link for Download Bright Memory:-

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.