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Pubg Mobile 1.8 Spider-Man Update


PUBG Mobile 1.8 update, the much-awaited version, and the people who are eagerly awaiting this version are. Many players love PUBG Mobile and are fans of the superhero movie character. Spider-Man is a character loved by millions around the world. Coming in the new version of the most popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile.

From time to time, the company responsible for the PUBG Mobile game works on a new version of the game. at the start of a new season. It comes with many additions and improvements for players not to feel bored with the game. and are keen to add an element of suspense and fun to attract players. The update is coming for the devices that the game is running on, whether it's mobile iPhone devices. or Android mobile devices.

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What's new in the update of the game PUBG Mobile for Spider-Man:-

  • In the PUBG Mobile 1.8 update, you will find a change in the look of the game from the inside and a different arrangement of the game maps. And change in the shape of the game menus and writing lines within the game.
  • There is a new addition in the Erangel map, where they have added a new character that you can use while playing. As a companion, it is a monster that you find on the map in the form of a bomb, and it is summoned in the same way as throwing a bomb. It helps you because it deals damage to your enemies, and if you make a summon and there are no enemies around. Then he attacks you, the most beautiful is that when he is eliminated you find with him a lot, same as droop lot.
  • The Levik map has been updated, by making improvements to errors that occur during gameplay. It has been completely resolved. You will also find that they have added anime characters, you will find them as you go around the map.
  • When you update the game to the new version, the game will give you prizes, which are 2888 coins. and a backpack for three days.
  • A new Arena map has been added, and it will not be the same as the old 4v4 map. It will be 8 vs 8 players. The team that wants to win the match must first get 80 kills for each win.

The Spider-Man mod in the PUBG Mobile game update:-

  • At the beginning of the game and during the flight of the plane you will find Spider-Man, taking out the spider web and navigating on the plane. Before you get off the plane, you will find him standing on the tail of the plane. Then it descends to its place on the map.
  • Then you go to the special place inside the map, to find Spider-Man facing a group of robots. You have to help him to eliminate them, and when the big robot appears, Spider-Man will defeat him alone.
  • After Spider-Man defeats the Big Robot, you will find a chest opened to find Spider-Man's special powers.
  • After you get Spider-Man's powers, you can use them and launch spider webs to move around the rooftops. And buildings and you can also launch spider webs on the ground. To impede the movement of enemies and be able to overcome them.

Link for Download Pubg Mobile 1.8 update:-

  • The new update will not reach all players at once. But it will gradually arrive in three days. Starting from today.
  •  So if you enter to the download link. and did not find the update try later.