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Download Avakin Life 3D game for iPhone and Android


Download Avakin Life 3D game for Android and iPhone, the latest update of the amazing simulation and virtual reality games. that have 3D graphics and very creative and masterful graphics.

Choosing the clothes of your choice and accessories. that suit you and of course, before all that you have to choose the avatar character. Lockwood Publishing has launched this most wonderful game, which has been very popular since 2013, intending to raise public taste and achieve users' dreams in the way they dress, choose their way of living, take a walk and watch an open world.

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Features of Avakin Life 3D game:-

  • It is classified as an open-world game to choose the character, dress, hairstyle and eye colour, as well as shoes and accessories. Everything revolves around the character that you can choose by yourself.
  • By downloading the game avakin life on the phone, you can choose your own house as well as decorate it and choose every piece of furniture inside it from your imagination.
  • The Avakin Live game allows you to create a dialogue and chat with many players from different countries of the world. to learn about different cultures and worlds, as well as different places. for friends to meet between home, work or inside the beach in beachwear, the player or user must be older than 13 years old to be able to use this game.
  • Create your account on the game platform. is to enable you to play and access it from any device, even if the game was accidentally removed from the phone, there is no need to worry as long as you are logged in, you can start from the stage you stopped at without having to start again.

Avakin Life 3D game Download link:-

  • Avakin Life is free to download through the stores.
  • Its size is suitable for many smartphones.
  • The high-quality 3D graphics support powerful graphics that you might not have seen before in any other game.

Download the game for the iPhone system.

Download the game for the Android system.