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Escape The Dream Obby Roblox


This game is one of the best fantasy games that you will use, as it is loved by many players who used it and got the best reviews from them.


He was praised by many because it is one of the most delicious fantasy games that contains intense adventure and although it is inside a dream, but you will be the dominant inside a dream. 


 How to play Escape The Dream:- 


Knowing the appropriate way to escape from the dream and bypass the punishments that he dreams of for you and wants to chase you in the dream, and this is the task. Let's play inside a dream. 


And you will be in control of everything from the necessary moves, and the most beautiful thing in the game is that a dream will imagine you many stages and missions and that it is chasing you, but you will control his dream and overcome obstacles. 


All the tasks that were put to you in the dream and he will not know to catch you at all, although he is able and equipped to do this, but you will be smarter than him by many stages. 


Explanation of the game Escape The Dream:- 


This game has a lot of users who will play with you, as when you land on the ground to play, you will feel that you are in a dream already. 

This is because of the beauty and pleasure of the scenery around you, because this dream and he wanted to chase you, so he reminded you in his dream, but you will turn it into a reality. 


And then he will appear inside the dream by walking behind you in a very fast way, but you will be small in size and he is very huge, but you will be able to hide from him anywhere you want and will not He can take you from anywhere because he is very huge and his size will not exceed your hiding place, but when he is focused and preoccupied with you, you will pass and run fast from him and he does not know that you came out And then you will cross the barriers that he spotted in the dream, which may have a small percentage of the difficulty, but this is the one who sweetens the game and finds great fun in it.

Features of Escape The Dream:-

  • It has a lot of users.
  • The invite icon can be used to invite a friend to play with you. 
  • There is a sending of friend requests to all the friends you want. 
  • There is a ban on users and their expulsion from the stage they are in. 
  • It is admired by many who have played it. 
  • Updated at the highest level. 
  • Its area is very small.
  • It has absolutely no flaws.
  • It has many stages.
  • Each stage is different from the other in everything.
  • Suitable for all ages. 

Escape The Dream Obby Roblox Download Link:-


First, if you do not have the game already installed on your device, you can download the game from our website.

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Second, the link to download the mod for Escape The Dream.

Escape The Dream Obby Roblox.